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Double 11,618, e-commerce companies are always keen to make a dazzling array of "shopping" to make women's friends lose their sense and "buy and buy". But as the economy has become more popular in recent years, a new way of life -- the popularity of daily clothing rentals -- has also been gaining traction among start-ups. From then on, the girls don't have to worry about "closet is always a small clothes, also don't have to worry about three days after the bought clothes will reduce the price, even washing clothes are saved energy.

The idea of clothing rentals comes from abroad. Rent the Runway, the United States the most popular high-end clothing rental platform, founded by two harvard female university students, the financing nearly $200 million in total, earning more than $2016 and $100 million, has been in New York, Washington, Los Angeles and other six cities opened the offline stores, and profitable in EBITDA level. Then the similar story goes on, and when a pattern prevails abroad, domestic entrepreneurs go to great lengths to follow.

The possibility of a new wind

According to the China electronic commerce research center, according to the current domestic garment industry penetration of online shopping has reached 36.9%, the position of the large number online shopping category. But in the future, there is overcapacity in the clothing sector, a lack of growth in online channels, and a trend of internal and external problems. Web celebrity, broadcast, social power, the emergence of new things and pushes industry forward, daily costume rental for the people on the chain saw another opportunity in addition to buying and selling of:

The second half of the Internet was not alarmist, but it was a decline in profitability in the heavily competitive fashion industry. At a discount, to three or four line city sinks, make new retail, clothing manufacturers are looking for a variety of channels to stimulate consumption, daily costume rental platform become the producers can try new export, so investors in costume rental platform, with some vendors, figure;

2, the traditional B2C electrical business at present the difficulty lies in the need of heavy investment stock up now, and won the high cost and complex purchase rate is low, but the costume rental emphasises the membership monthly service platform, clothing optional space is large, the user's viscosity is relatively high, low input of cash flow at the same time also have certain security.

3, feedback of supply chain, the domestic several mainstream costume rental platform are expressed using the lease of user preferences data, to the brand party for garment design and production of reference, this has a positive role on the traditional supply chain to improve efficiency of resource allocation.

The trend is in theory founded. Consumption upgrading under the big background, the female to the requirement of clothing replacement frequency will be higher than their frequency of purchase, lease way can effectively solve the storage space, to the old clothes for the loss of novelty, waste and other issues.

It's not going to fly in the vents

In fact, there were similar apparel and accessories rental websites in China a few years ago, but eventually they were shut down silently. At the same time, there are many players who can create a small vents. Sharing the economy has indeed infiltrated every industry, with the pain point being a startup and sharing a plug-in is a good example. Back to the daily clothing rental, the hard part is:

The first and most difficult layer is to break the user's psychological barrier. People who really pursue fashion are more concerned about changing clothes with strangers, and they also tend to be clean and private and have a defensive line on Shared clothing. How to "plant grass" is the key to the large-scale breakthrough of clothing leasing.

2, the second layer is the problem mentioned above health and user experience, clothing recycling after washing, disinfection, ironing, and packaging, is a self-built laundry factories, 2 it is outsourcing, self-built large upfront costs, limited capacity but easy to qc, outsourcing the laundry quality is difficult to have security. At the same time, although is leasing, in addition to health, the user to the old and new requirement of clothing is also very high, if a clothing looks old, even there is any breakage, it is easy to loss. Therefore, the operation link is the key to guarantee the repurchase rate and the word of mouth.

Pioneer entrepreneurs are always easy to be cannon fodder. Internet circle always doesn't open BAT around, with the advantage of capital, supply chain advantages, flow giant was likely to be only secretly watching, as drops Uber China incoming car traditional enterprise after merger, the competition has only just begun. So in the early stage of the fast brand recognition, the high wall can win the first line of life.

"As long as you stand in the tuyere, the pig can fly." However, how many pigs fell dead, only to stand in the vents, the pigs in the wind will fly well.

February textile export data poor terminal retail demand pick up

February textile exports fell sharply year on year. According to the General Administration of customs statistics, China's textile yarn, fabrics and products exported $458 billion 677 million in February, down -24.6%; 1-2 monthly exports totaled $1 trillion and 417 billion 140 million, down 8.76%.February textile exports fell sharply year on year. According to the General Administration of customs statistics, China's textile yarn, fabrics and products exported $458 billion 677 million in February, down -24.6%; 1-2 monthly exports totaled $1 trillion and 417 billion 140 million, down 8.76%.

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