The clothing company layout education wants to "play bigger" in clothing + education.

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What if the child refuses to go to the training class? It may have been a way for many parents to think about new clothes for their children. With the fusion of catering, shopping, education, entertainment, which integrates large commercial complex, a second-tier cities in China, send children to remedial classes after sneaking into the clothing store to buy buy buy on the choice of two to three hours for many parents.

But profit-seeking companies are more likely to "play bigger" in terms of "clothing + education".

Apparel a-share listed company before nine animal husbandry king (601566), according to the announcement of its wholly owned subsidiary in Shanghai, this month and longed for HuaJinYu equity investment management of the partnership enterprise (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai marvadawn") signed an agreement to participate in setting up 1 billion yuan to invest in cultural education and its derivative industries, emerging industries, funds, and as the fund's limited partners to subscribed for 100 million yuan.

Shanghai muhua and the famous mooc platform "xuetang online" are invested in the investment of the muhua education, which is controlled by tsinghua university. Why do well-known clothing companies frequently work with education? How many companies have gone public in the clothing industry to make the transition from education? Is it a halberd, or is it a borrowing force?

Transboundary education, a new three-year layout for apparel companies

In fact, the proposed education funds was established with "tsinghua is" nine animal husbandry king already not the first cross-border education apparel a-share listed companies, as early as in 2014 has been semir clothing (002563) and the Mosaic culture (002699), the two companies into the bureau of education.

By investing in the education industry on a small scale, it is a cedar stake (600884). The company indirectly owns a stake of about 4.8 percent in tianyan, a new three-board medical technology company, through its ningbo sequoia capital investment co., LTD. Days weir technology is mainly engaged in medical teaching model, teaching instruments and training management software research and development, production and sales operations, and focus on the layout of the VR medical education.

In the last three years, the most widely distributed apparel companies in the education area are the American culture.

Mosaic culture announced in December 2014, with 42 million yuan investment in tianjin cool network technology co., LTD., which owns a 40.1% stake in tianjin and cool meters, and enjoy the 50.17% of the voting rights. Tianjin cool animated video platform mainly operating children meter network, provide animation, children's songs, play, high-quality children's content such as raising children, and other related services. Currently, the site says it covers more than 10 million people a month.

After the completion of cool 'holdings, legg mason culture also launched in March 2015, mobile terminal parenting class software "happy weekend" APP, plays, attractions including performance venues, learning, educational, family travel, such as category, makes the cultural power in the education industry chain.

In December, the company also announced that its controlling shareholder, meisheng holdings, would buy 72.5 per cent of tongdao culture. According to the data, the number of fans in the same number of orders reached 74 percent in the post-80s and 90s generation. As these fans who reach reproductive age, its identity or to this IP will increase for Mosaic culture, costume, parenting and parent-child education products consumption, the listed company is made a clever move.

The first to go into the education category, the company, is currently the largest in the industry.

As early as in July 2014 the semir clothing with Hong Kong youth group co., LTD. Signed the agreement, with 102 million yuan to buy the latter holds) John (Shanghai) information technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "yukon John Shanghai") for a 70% stake.

Yuhan Shanghai has two core assets. One is the children's education business in China, which has opened 91 teaching centres in 64 cities in 2014. The second is children's English with its own brand, and the 12 teaching centres were distributed in five cities across the country.

Is the child's clothing industry cutting into K12 or new developments?

In 2014, semir clothing in a statement, said the company will take this into the children's education training market, and further to make the company become a children's comprehensive one-stop service platform. Samma also has the balalbarra children's clothing brand, which has more than 3, 500 stores in 2014 and has more than 5 million VIP customers.

According to the information, the current brand of children's clothing brand barbarra is about 40 percent of the revenue of samma clothing. But can there be synergy between the children's education and the children's clothing brands, whether it's a mori dress or a culture of beauty?

Semir clothing has said the yukon John Shanghai after the acquisition, the future will continue to carry out education for children, animation, film and television, game or related industry investment m&a and resource integration. In the meantime, the agency said it will continue to focus on areas such as child's child business, and explore the cross-border investment in children's animation, education, and publishing. These will be integrated with the clothing business of samma.

But Mr. Mori didn't keep the integration for two years. Its announcement in March 2016, said it had and the third largest stocks in eastern horse group co., LTD., signed the equity transfer contract, transfer the company holds a 49% stake) John Shanghai, the price is RMB 70 million. On September 1, he completed his business changes in Shanghai, and the transfer was completed.

Semir clothing, said John Shanghai children's quality and the development of English education industry is in rapid growth stage, the current operating on a smaller scale, still in the phase of expansion of investment, in recent years in curriculum research and development, system upgrades and new store opening and so on investment is larger, the current performance effect, the business will need to be further cultivation, more children need to integrate industry resources, increase investment in related, to gain more excellent performance.

Learned, semir group in recent years, increasing investment in children's related industries, including children's education industry, invest in the construction and operating the dream town project, a lot of the project to include children's education, training, cultural creativity, entertainment experience, children's department stores and other children's comprehensive experience center. Senma is building a mid-to-high-end market for the city's sunhorse Concorde international school.

Semir clothing, said that a transfer to semir group exert resource synergy, do big horse group children industry, promote the development of early childhood education) John Shanghai and business performance improvement. It said the deal would help improve its foreign investment earnings and reduce investment risk.

Data show that children under the age of 14, 220 million in China, accounting for 16.6% of the total population, as the "two children" policy to the ground and the "80 after" parents become the subject of consumption of consumers in infants and young children dress to the pursuit of quality improving, the industry into from low-end to high-end consumption growth stage.

A well-known investor told the blue whale education, education industry for children's wear and children's education have consumer demand and purchasing power for the same group, namely, the moment after 80, 90 after their parents. Is not just about quality education of children is just need the middle class, it also have a high demand for high-end clothing, is also a common focus where the parents or grandparents generation crowd. If you can combine the two aspects, sharing the entertainment marketing, community to bring fans effect, for education brand, clothing brand, incremental will have a huge market, and is likely to further expand children's product line.

It is understood that the current semir clothing with barak barak brand occupies in the children's clothing, but the market share is only 4%, children's clothing sector combined market share of the top 10 brands are less than 10%, the industry is still a lack of absolute leadership brand, decentralised market needs to be integrated, from a single field of clothing to brand children's culture as a whole industrial chain development to build a brand influence is imperative. On the other hand, children's clothing companies can, in part, break down the regional restrictions that the education industry has.

At the same time, the new three board has emerged and the childlike innocence, and a number of children's clothing companies in beibei yiyi, including children and childlike innocence said it will make children comprehensive ecosystem.

Why do apparel companies often cross the world education?

According to the research, the 2016 operating revenue of the education investment fund, which is based on the education investment fund, was 22.71 billion yuan, up from 0.65 percent year on year. Net profit was 463 million yuan, up 4.63 percent year on year. Nine animal husbandry of the king of operating income, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies, earnings per share index rose slightly in 2015, is perhaps one of the reasons for the choice into education.

Over the past few years the rapid development of domestic clothing brands and international brands constantly flooded with channel sinks and potential purchasing power has passed, the existing market cake also face more players compete for and eat. Shanshan shares mentioned above, for example, as the first listed company in the once China garment industry, already completely to the lithium battery industry, new energy vehicles and the transformation of the financial sector, and are implementing of the break-up of the clothing business.

But at the same time, the results of the 2016 annual report of the companies listed in major apparel companies showed that the performance of the listed companies was largely positive and was reversing the situation. The king of the king of the kingdom of the king of the United Kingdom has made a transition to the whole industry in the form of education.

Last year, the 2015 annual report, published by 35 apparel companies in Shanghai and shenzhen, showed that 16 of them reported falling net profits, accounting for nearly 50 per cent of the total.

The clothing industry has shown signs of a recovery from the recently disclosed 2016 annual report. After the high inventory, put up the shutters tide, run after the transformation, and so on a series of tests, finally stick clothing industry listed companies in the industry such as "pick up".

The 34 companies that report the annual report are positive, with 12 companies reporting net profits of $100 million. Among them, hailan's home was at the top of net profit for 31.23 billion yuan, while samma was second.

As of April 25, deep Shanghai two city a total of 29 clothing listed companies reported first-quarter earnings forecast, of which 17 companies increase or slightly increase, five companies loss-mitigation, three companies turnround and XuKui respectively, only one company in advance.

Industry insiders say that the garment industry in 2017 will have a broader recovery. Are listed companies for the leap-forward development of the education can be as the window of an auxiliary performance improvement, and have recovery enterprises will have more financial strength to cultural education industry chain extension.

Apparel companies have been transformed by fashion IP in recent years. In addition to the full to Caesar culture entertainment IP operation, and on Saturday (002291) in July 2016 announced plans to buy two Internet fashion media, above Mosaic culture and marriage of fellow deke is also overweight IP. The education industry, which also has big IP, is a boon for apparel sales.

In capital markets, the field of clothing industry training remains unexplored

Many clothing companies have been in the training field for years, compared with the investment in the education industry for the investment in the education industry. In February 2016, the new three boards have appeared in the first clothing training company, Beijing zhongyan haihai network technology co., LTD.

Founded in 1999, the company is a training company specializing in providing professional training and consulting services for the Chinese garment industry. The training and mentoring of nearly 500, 000 owners, executives, middle managers, and guides from all parts of the country. With the accumulation of the customers, the company has 20 member development centers around the country, and the online training is done online.

At present, such as clothing design and sales of undergraduate level in the direction of professional is very rare, secondary and higher vocational professional apparel training still cannot meet the demand of market, compared to other field of vocational education, clothing industry training market is still waiting for the attention of the listed company and mining.

February textile export data poor terminal retail demand pick up

February textile exports fell sharply year on year. According to the General Administration of customs statistics, China's textile yarn, fabrics and products exported $458 billion 677 million in February, down -24.6%; 1-2 monthly exports totaled $1 trillion and 417 billion 140 million, down 8.76%.February textile exports fell sharply year on year. According to the General Administration of customs statistics, China's textile yarn, fabrics and products exported $458 billion 677 million in February, down -24.6%; 1-2 monthly exports totaled $1 trillion and 417 billion 140 million, down 8.76%.

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